I'm Nova

I am a skilled full stack developer with a focus on game servers and other software. At the age of 20, I am committed to constantly improving my skills. I am deeply passionate about my work and take great pride in delivering high-quality solutions to my clients. With my expertise in game servers and other software, I am confident in my ability to tackle any challenge that comes my way.


Server Setups

The basis of every great project.


Configuring everything the way you need it

Management of Operations

Managing teams with efficiency and effectiveness

Optimizing server performance

Squeezing those servers to get the maximum performance possible

My Skills

Why hire me for your next Project?

I offer a comprehensive range of services to individuals and businesses seeking expertise in server setups, configuration, and management of operations and projects. With extensive experience in managing servers, I have a proven track record of optimizing server performance to provide reliable and efficient systems to clients. My skills in project management allow me to lead and execute complex projects seamlessly, ensuring that deadlines are met within budget. I possess a deep understanding of client requirements, and I offer customized solutions to meet their needs effectively. My commitment to excellence sets me apart in the industry, and I take pride in providing high-quality services to every client I work with.

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