SQUADS (Work in progress)

A SAAS Service designed to be a new way of driving with a team, with up to 8 cars being able to connect at the same time, Squads will be able to send eachother locations, drive as a team and communicate with eachother without having to need 50 different apps.

squads application design

Roadkill studios:

I've had the pleasure to work at Roadkill studios as their System administrator & Manager, My daily tasks include setting up completely new environments and building projects from the ground up! Alll while handeling a team of people! 


One of the projects for Roadkill studios is the GalacticForge, a minecraft network thats based on being anti p2w!

Hitting over 200 players daily on average, this project unfortunately came to an end with the bankruptcy of roadkill studios


Drealth (discontinued)

Drealth was my first massive scale project, with massive support coming from youtubers and a large community, this project hit 50+ people on average. This unfortunately died down and had to shut down! 


Quabot (discontinued)

A multipurpose discord bot that works with data to improve and maximize how a community works